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Coffee & peanut & cream carob candy

  • Product Code: Premium Candy
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20.00 ₴

Invigorating and strong coffee taste and creamy peanut butter filling give you strength and energy, while maple syrup surprises you with its delicate flavour. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to try healthy candy!

Ingredients: light carob powder, virgin cocoa butter, cocoa mass, virgin coconut oil, peanuts, ground coffee, low-fat dried coconut, coconut milk powder, rice powder, tapioca, maple syrup, natural vanilla, sunflower lecithin, stevia leaf extract.

Nutrition Facts (amounts per 100g): 2085 kJ / 498 cal, fats 43.2g, carbohydrates 33.7g, proteins 4.8g

Serving Size: 15g

Per box: 135g