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Goji berry & hazelnut carob candy

  • Product Code: Premium Candy
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20.00 ₴

Healthy sugar-free carob candies with goji berries and whole hazelnuts. Goji berries do not just help lose weight, they are the elixir of life! And hazelnuts, besides their numerous health benefits, help relieve chronic fatigue symptoms.

Ingredients: light carob powder, virgin cocoa butter, hazelnuts, peanuts, goji berries, cocoa mass,  cinnamon, sunflower lecithin, nutmeg, stevia leaf extract.

Nutrition Facts (amounts per 100g): 2186 kJ / 522 cal, fats 48g, carbohydrates 39g, proteins 6.6g

Serving Size: 13g

Per box 120g