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About us

Good day!

We are pleased to introduce ourselves - we, a young Ukrainian company "My healthy product AUGUST", which specializes in the production of healthy premium chocolate based on carob with the addition of superfoods. At the moment, our assortment includes 9 types of chocolate, 11 types of sweets, fruit slices (chips) in chocolate made from carob and high-quality fruit marshmallows (fruits are dried in a dehydrator at temperatures up to 45 degrees, this is the way of processing that allows you to preserve all the vitamins and nutrients).

In the production of our chocolate, refining, mineralization and other methods that reduce the nutritional properties of the product are prohibited, as well as the addition of artificial flavours, GMO colours and other harmful additives. In creating flavour combinations, we tried to be guided not only by gastronomic preferences but also by such compatibility of the constituent ingredients, which gives the maximum benefit to the body. Any process of creating something is a creative and exciting process! And we are fans of our business and are happy to produce "clean products" of the "food without harm" category!

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Best regards, Daineko sisters