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AUGUST is natural sugar-free carob chocolate.

Carob is a powder extracted from edible pods of Ceratonia siliqua. By its taste and colour, carob is similar to cocoa but is much healthier as it does not contain caffeine or theobromine (addictive stimulants), phenethylamine (stimulants initiating migraine-type headaches and causing allergic reactions), and oxalic acid (causing calcium and zinc deficiency which is bad for your skin health).

We do not refine, mineralize or otherwise treat products if it reduces their nutritional value. We do not add artificial flavours, colours, GMOs and other harmful food additives.

We use only plant products which makes AUGUST suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

AUGUST is perfect for people who are strictly forbidden to eat chocolate, for example, pregnant women and nursing mothers, children, people with an allergy, diabetic patients and everyone who cares for their wellness.


  • Carob contains 30% fewer calories than traditional chocolate.

  • Besides, the carob contains 8% protein and a variety of vitamins and micronutrients, including zinc, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, Ferrum, barium, etc., making it a nutritional powerhouse.

  • Carob is high in antioxidants promoting longevity.

  • Carob is high in fibre, helping lower cholesterol and triglycerides and regulate blood glucose.

  • Carob contains no psychoactive substances (caffeine, theobromine).

  • Carob's tannins help remove toxins.

  • Carob is naturally sweet.

  • Carob has antitumor action and helps prevent lung cancer (if taken regularly), which is especially relevant for smokers.

  • Carob has antiviral, antimycotic and antiparasitic action.

  • Carob helps calm down the nervous system.

Carob has no contraindications or side effects. Carob powder is safe for adults and children.
AUGUST is smart chocolate that cares about your health and beauty.

Looking forward to mutually beneficial, long-term cooperation.

Best regards,

Deinega Viktoria & Svetlana.